The company has developed dedicated seminars and working sessions to help clients refine the pillars of their social presence, define their KPIs or review the success of their investments, audit what exists and coach internal teams to reach excellence.

Content/Community Management

A lot of brands are not prepared to manage their social presences with internal resources so they prefer to outsource. This encompasses the daily management of Facebook Pages, Twitter accounts, LinkedIn company pages, YouTube channels, and Pinterest or Instagram accounts of clients.

Social.Lab has experts who create content for multiple channels, receive client approval, adapt it in the desired languages, publish it on the Social Properties, amplify it with targeted ads and moderate the conversation.

On a monthly basis, they analyze the KPIs for the client and prepare the content planning. For some clients, the community manager operates partly from their premises to make the process more fluid.


Consists of the activation of the different advertising formats available on Social Media (mainly Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter) or to develop applications (contests, quiz, etc.) to create customer experiences.

The Amplification Teams of our agencies have created over 3.000 different campaigns leveraging all formats and targets available on Facebook and Twitter. They also have a strong experience in creating and managing YouTube and LinkedIn campaigns.

Their understanding, experience, business knowledge and operational execution are the best on the market.