This is Social.Lab

We combine creative content ideas with smart paid media targeting to drive business results.

We have designed a unique offer powered by content, community management, targeted amplification, action tracking and result optimization that provides clients with a solution that ties social media engagement to business success.

On 4 Continents. In 15 Locations. And more to come.

We are serving local and international clients in Brussels, Paris, Amsterdam, London, Bucharest Singapore, Hongkong, New York, Washington, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Cape Town, Johannesburg and Dubai.

8.500 campaigns. Covering 91 countries.

The Amplification Teams of our agencies have created more than 8.500 different campaigns leveraging all formats and targets available on Facebook and Twitter. They also have a strong experience in creating and managing YouTube and LinkedIn campaigns.

Attack of the drone.

We like new technologies.

And yes, toys.

We couldn’t resist showing our Brussels headquarters in an unusual angle.

Join us on our rooftop.

Where do we find our inspiration? Sometimes on our rooftop.

It offers an amazing 270° degree view of Brussels.

Heels and Wheels.

All work, no play? Why walk when you can glide?

Our kick scooters are the perfect way to get around the office.